About the Market Garden

The Market Garden is nestled between old garment factories at the crossing of Lützner and Demeringstraße, on the former property of the Toepel Gardens. In 2013, we began to revitalise this nearly 150-year-old garden.

Using a nine-part crop rotation, we grow over 100 varieties of vegetables in three fields. In addition, we cultivate food-bearing vegetables in two covered tunnels and seedlings in a separate glass greenhouse. Two herb plots, an area for experimentation with speciality plants, shrub and blossom garden strips, and “edible hedges” along the fenceline complete the biological diversity. Since 2014, the Garden is also home to 14+ bee colonies from the Beekeepers KirschenGarten.

With the vegetables we grow, we provide the weekly produce for over 35 subscribers to our veggie box service; ingredients for local chefs and our own events; and vegetables for our weekly farmers market in the summer. Since 2015, we are collaborating with the Lindenwerkstätten Panitzsch which provide pumpkins, potatoes and eggs for the veggie box subscription.

The Garden is a training site for agriculture and assignment location for federal volunteers (Bundesfreiwilligendienstleistende), who are mainly responsible for our educational offerings such as tours and workshops with school classes. During the season, we also offer internships for university students. (If interested, please send us an informal application per E-mail)

ANNALINDE Gärtnerei, Lützner Straße 108, 04177 Leipzig

Direct Sale

Seasonal offerings 2018:

fresh vegetables, winter vegetables, honey and herbs from Leipzig-Lindenau!

22. May until end of October

Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 7 pm

Saturday, from 10 am to 2 pm


2012 Reclaimed field at Demeringstraße

2013 Built covered tunnel and began cultivating first fields; restoration of greenhouse ruins

2014 Project “Crop rotation” as part of EU program “Youth in action”—renovation of cultivation tables, first fields at Lützner Straße cultivated; designated as the host for volunteers in the Federal Volunteers Program; direct marketing of 15 veggie boxes

2014/15 Rebuilt surrounding wall with grants from Leipzig West Contingency Fund and local media outlets; began cultivation of the second field on Lützner Straße; repurposed former on-site dwelling

2015 Cooperation with Lindenwerkstätten Panitzsch; direct marketing of over 30 veggie boxes; restructuring of the glazing in the glasshouse (Verfügungsfond Leipziger Westen)

2016 Start of daily direct sales; recognition as a training organisation for vegetable cultivation.


The ANNALINDE market garden was honoured 2015 within the competition „BodenWertSchätzen“ by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt and the council of sustainable development with the first price. The category of the competition was „regional- gardening and vegetable cultivation“.