Interkultureller Garten

Intercultural Garden

Since September 2016, the „Intercultural Garden“ has become an integral part of the ANNALINDE. Thanks to the new project funding for 2020/2021, the garden is also spreading in the east of Leipzig! When the garden season is starting in April, we will be sowing, planting and harvesting at two locations per week: From the beginning of the new season, you will find us recently also in the Burggarten next to the Sternburgbrauerei (Mühlstraße 13) and further on at the ANNALINDE Gemeinschaftsgarten (Zschochersche Straße 12).

+++ Alternative offer for the Open Meetings +++

The actual situation doesn´t allow open meetings in the garden. As an alternative to stay in contact we offer telephone or video-chat consultion hours! Here, we inform you about the current stat, answer your personal questions and give you tips how you can spend the time staying at home.


You can reach us each Tuesday and Wednesday from 13 to 17h. If you are interested pleas write an Email to:

Garden season 2020 +++ ATTENTION: All meetings cancelled for the moment! +++

With the start of the garden season in April, you will find us:


Tuesdays from 15 to 19 pm at the Burggarten of the Sternburgbrauerei, Mühlstraße 13, 04317 Leipzig


Wednesdays from 15 to 19 pm at the ANNALINDE Community Garden, Zschochersche Straße 12, 04229 Leipzig.

ANNALINDE Intercultural Garden - network point

Once a week we meet in both gardens – the ANNALINDE Community Garden and the Burggarten – with citizens of Leipzig with and without refugee or migration biography, to plant, seed, moore beds, cultivate the garden, harvest vegetables and to serve up the fruits of our work. That’s how we gain ground under our feet and how we’re able to ground and root ourselves in the city of Leipzig.


Furthermore, twice a month we discover with the gardener’s different sociocultural offerings in Leipzig, offer self-organized workshops around the topic „Eatable Towns“ or get cultural or artistic events going. Beyond that, by visiting other assistance initiatives, we are devoting our special attention to your personal everyday topics and questions.


With that we aim to support the participians of our project by creating possibilities of feeling home in Leipzig as well as gaining experiences of self-effectiveness and meaningful occupations. All the offers of the Intercultural Garden always have free edmission and are open for everyone!


The project „Intercultural Garden – network point“ is co-financiated by tax revenues on the basis of the government budget which was decided by the Saxon State Parliament within the framework of the country programme „Integrative Maßnahmen“. The planned term of the project is from 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2021.

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