About Us

ANNALINDE gGmbH practices multifunctional agriculture in Leipzig, Germany. The company was born from the cooperative initiative, entrepreneurial spirit, and creativity of a group of engaged young people.

Our goal is to create spaces for exchanging and learning about information related to local food production,biological diversity, sustainable consumption, responsible resource us, and sustainable neighbourhood and city development.

As a non-profit organisation, we are operating a community garden and restoring a Market Garden, where we cultivate not only regional produce but also community and the exchange of knowledge. With our garden work days and workshops for schools, kindergartens and other organisations, we create opportunities for communal, hands-on learning. In addition, we offer a platform for numerous initiatives and projects with emphasis on urban agriculture, recycling, stakeholder participation, urban bees urban beekeeping, composting, seasonal agriculture, cultural education, urban resilience and sustainable urban development.

Our Statute

Objectives at ANNALINDE gGmbH:

  • Environmental protection and landscape care
  • Youth and senior programmes
  • Art and culture
  • Education and vocational training
  • Civil engagement for common goals


Our corporate purpose is to comprehensively support community and its sustainable development. We set demonstrable goals for urban, participatory agriculture and achieve them using garden projects.


The Community Garden is the winner of the Leipzig Agenda Prize 2014 in the category “Youth Projects.” On the 10th of October 2014, we also received an award from the UN Decade of Biodiversity. In 2015 and 2016 we were named by the Sustainability Council as Werkstatt N Projekt. More recently, we received the Leipzig Agenda Prize in 2015 in the category “Enterprises,” and we were recognized with the first prize in the competition BodenWertSchätzen in the category “Regional Gardening and Vegetables.” In 2017 we have been awarded the Deutscher Nachbarschaftspreis as the winner for the state of Saxony.

Initiative for Transparent Civil Society

Information about the ANNALINDE gGmbH as per the obligation of the Initiative for Transparent Civil Society is available here