Garden season 2019

The garden season 2019 has begun…


Who is interested in shaping the next season is kindly welcomed to mail us or to come over on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Community garden ANNALINDE (Zschocherschestraße 12)

Opening hours

… from April 2019

Tuesday 16:00 to 19.00

Wednesdays 15:00 to 19:00 (intercultural garden)


… and to steady educational offers and events. You can find further details at events.


Requests for tours in the off-season per mail to


Address: Zschochersche Straße 12, 04229 Leipzig

public transport: stop Felsenkeller, Tram 3, 14; Bus 74

About the community garden

The ANNALINDE community garden is a social and urban agriculture project in the west of Leipzig. Since 2011 we shape and play with neighbours, volunteers and friends an over 2000 m² big wasteland behind the Georg Maurer library. In over 50 raised-beds and multiple greenhouses, we cultivate vegetables and herbs.

Since then, the garden offers at open days the opportunity to do gardening, design and enjoy. Thus, everybody is able to learn with us jointly how to produce local food and how to create a new place of urban life.

Main objectives of our work are low-threshold education- and participation opportunities. The activities are open for everybody and range from sowing, planting, harvesting over the extraction of seeds, processing and preserving of vegetables, keeping bees and chickens, the building of a vermicompost up to the development of new cultivation methods. Due to, joint tryouts and the exchange of experiences and knowledge, we don’t just acquire old cultural technologies, but rather we learn simultaneously a lot about biological diversity, urban ecology, climate adaption, recycling, sustainable consumption and future-oriented forms of urban life.


Video contribution (2015) for the community garden from the Goethe Institute, 180sec., Staffel 3 „Teilen und Tauschen“:


The community garden is laureate of the Leipziger Agenda-Preises 2014 in the category youth projects, a project of the UN Dekade für Biologische Vielfalt 2014 as well as an honoured project in the framework of „1000 Dank“ of the Leipziger Volksbank 2015.